Runner Chaser Dynamics in Relationships

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Runner chaser relationships – why does it happen?

There are so many dynamics to relationships, and one that can cause a lot of problems and challenges is the ‘run and chase’ relationship, when one partner runs away and the other chases. This unbalance in the relationship can play out with both partners when the one running stops and begins to chase and vice a versa.

The one running usually does this when their emotions become overwhelming, and they don’t know how to handle and express their emotions to their partner. It can also  Continue reading “Runner Chaser Dynamics in Relationships”

Setting Boundaries

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Boundaries are very important for our well-being, and they set an example to those close to us about what we will and won’t accept.

It is especially important if you are someone that wears their heart on their sleeve and always wants to help others, because by being a constant ‘people pleaser’ this can cause some people to ‘take’ too much of your energy, and in some instances  Continue reading “Setting Boundaries”

Mirrors of Love – Healing Self-Love


Personal relationships can teach us so much about self-love. When this is lacking in self it will be mirrored from those that are either unloving, unaffectionate, not caring or forth coming with showing emotions and feelings, or will come from those that are very loving and giving. Each way of mirroring the lack of self-love to you will help you to begin the healing process of Continue reading “Mirrors of Love – Healing Self-Love”

Filling the Inner Void

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We often seek interactions with others, and materialistic things to make us feel happy, and contented. This can be from a relationship, family, friends and even materialistic things. Yes, they can bring enjoyment and happiness, but at times can be short lived, and it can leave a feeling of dissatisfaction or craving more and more outside stimuli to keep us happy, when in reality our  Continue reading “Filling the Inner Void”

Know your worth


What we allow into our life shows our level of worth. When those close to us, and even in the work place, do things that are unacceptable be that on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level we are in fact insulting ourselves.

We tend to do this because we want to fit in, to be accepted by others, and to feel wanted and needed, when in fact when we  Continue reading “Know your worth”

Reflections and Lessons


As humans we crave ‘connections’ be that for support, guidance, affection, love and all other manner of experiences brought from ‘connections’, that can bring times of joy and times of sorrow. Each experience/connection acts as a mirror and many times how you feel within and what you project out into the world is what you attract.

We can learn so much about ourselves from our connections, and intern they can learn a lot about  Continue reading “Reflections and Lessons”