About Me


I am an intuitive, writer, artisit, and energy healer. I help clients through my writing, art, healings and readings, and love helping people to heal, transform and connect to their true essence.

All my life I have had profound experiences that began at age 7. I was very ill and had a profound spiritual and paranormal experience, this began my journey into the paranormal and spiritual realms, and my questioning and discoveries on these subjects.

For my 10th Birthday my father brought me a book called, ‘The mysteries of the world’, which fuelled my passion for the unexplained and paranormal.

In my teens I had a lot of ‘foreseeing events’, which l found difficult to understand and quite upsetting, especially when l saw a lot of unhappy events to come, but looking back on those experiences it was like a warning system, and at that time I didn’t quite understand my gift.

At 20 l had my son, which for some reason stopped a lot of the spiritual gifts that were starting to be revealed, it was like l was put in a holding faze as I looked after my son.

In my early 20s gifts started to come back, and this time it was more about the emotions and feelings associated with being an empath. At that time I didn’t understand the feelings and why l would suddenly become very emotional and sometimes for no understandable reason. This was the start of my journey of learning about energy; our own energy system (chakras), others’ energies and energy exchange between myself and others’.

My Late 20s was a traumatic time for me, first I had a serious car crash that l was lucky to get out of alive, and this led to a huge post-traumatic stress that lasted over a year, my body was in fight or flight constantly, and this led to serious panic attacks that were deliberating to the point I couldn’t go out.

Just as I was starting to recover my mother had her first serious stroke that led to months in a coma and months after in recovery.

Even though this was a very challenging time mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually it led onto my path of healing. After my car crash I had some Reiki treatments from a family friend, because it helped so much l wanted to find out more so I studied Usei Reiki 1 and 2, which opened the channels of healing for myself and the ability to heal others. After working with this healing practice for a while I didn’t like the fixed ways you had to do the healing I wanted something that was more flowing and natural, this is when I studied spiritual healing and loved the deep connection to earth and divine healing light, and the understanding of being a channel to direct the healing light. It made more sense to me, and felt natural.

Spiritual healing led to a deeper understanding of healing work, and over the years other healing practices have come to me while I was working that I have called ‘Lazer light healing’, and ‘Light body healing’, and I have also studied several different healing modalities including ‘Earth light reiki 1 & 2’, ‘Matrix reality’, and ‘Aura light’, that have all helped to intensify the healings l do.

Also around this time l began to write and set up what were known as online forums back in 2002 called, ‘Seekers of Spirit’, that ran for 9 years, (which is also when l began to do psychic readings), before I moved onto the social interactive platform Facebook where I ran a page called, ‘Inner Calling’ for 4 years before I moved to my personal Facebook page sharing articles, quotes, ascension energy updates and running healing events.

For years I worked in schools, and the last few positions I worked with special needs children that I found fascinating and intriguing. I learnt a lot form all the children I supported, and it taught me a lot about my empathy, my foreseeing ability, and energies.

In 2009 I became very ill and for over a year I had test after test where nothing was discovered. Looking back to this time I feel this is when my ‘ascension (spiritual) awakening’ was beginning properly. In 2010 l did a huge amount of research, and I was starting to understand what was happening to my physical body and why, this is also when I started to share experiences, write articles and ascension energy updates to help others on this journey.

In 2013 I decided to hand in my notice at work, this was after months of mulling this over. Every morning turning up for work I kept hearing my inner voice say, ‘resign’. I knew I wasn’t happy, and a ‘normal’ job was affecting my health. I needed space and freedom to move away from structures, and routines. By this time I was already helping people via readings and healings, and had felt for a while that I wanted to go into self-employment, but I was worried about how to implement this. I knew spirit was pushing me to change my career, and on the day I finally handed in my notice I had no concrete plans for what next, but I just knew l had to do it. The relief I felt after was such a sense of freedom.

For 8 months after I was in a holding faze, and unsure how to set up my own business, then the soul portraits idea was born, putting my gifts of art and readings together into a healing soul portrait helping clients to see their potential and awaken their spiritual gifts. This began my self-employed business, the sense of freedom and being able to work when I choose has benefited my health, and I am in a profession that brings joy to myself, and those I help.

After years of writing articles on energy, and the spiritual ascension awakening, I decided to put them all together into a book, ‘Inner Calling- Ascension Awakening’, which I self-published in September 2016, and around the same time published my oracle card deck, ‘Goddess Ascension Oracle cards’.

I love helping people, and I know it is one of my soul’s purposes to support, guide, heal and transform clients through a process of healing via writing, art, readings and healings.

It has been a wonderful, at times challenging and difficult journey so far, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way, because each experience brings opportunities to learn and grow.

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Love and blessings,

Wendy x