Birds of a feather flock together

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How we are at this moment in time is who and what we attract into our life. We are a mirror reflecting out into the world what we ‘need’ in order to heal and change ourselves, and the world reflects back to us learning lessons via people we meet, and situations.

Most of the time we don’t see the interconnections and synchronicity unfolding in our life because we are just carrying on with our everyday life, but when we become aware to what and why things happen in our life and can see the mirrors reflecting back to us what we need to address within, then we can begin the inner healing and transformation process.

Life is a constant flow of these mirror experiences and can change when we change. They will only change when we become aware to the learning lessons and see the repetitive cycles for what they are trying to teach us, and then we can break that cycle through accepting the lesson and heal.

There will be times when we attract the right people and situations into our life when we are feeling good within ourselves and our life, and those times when we are feeling unbalanced and doubting ourselves, and our life path, we will attract experiences and people into our life that show us what is needing to be fixed and changed within ourselves, and our life.

What keeps repeating in your life? and then ask yourself what is the underlining lesson that needs to be addressed?

Look at how you are feeling now, what are you questioning about yourself and your life, where do you feel you need to make changes, what are you denying or not addressing within self? These will be clues helping you to look at the bigger picture to what is going on within you, and within your life, and why situations may be playing out repeatedly. This will help you to ‘see’ the mirror lessons, and what steps you need to do to implement the teachings.

It is not an easy path at times, but you can make great progress and transformation with your inner healing. As you change from the inside, your outside will start to reflect different experiences into your life, that will resonate with who you are in that moment.

You can change yourself and your life when you take responsibility for your inner healing, by being open and aware to all that is happening around you, and how it makes you feel. This can show you where you are out of balance, what needs addressing to bring a better flow into your life, and how to attract the right people and experiences into your life.

Love and blessings,

Wendy x

If you have a question about this article or wish to share your experiences please leave a comment and I will get back to you soon x

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