How to ‘flow’ with Change


We often search for ‘the one’ hoping that they will complete us, make us feel happy, contented, and loved, believing that they will change our life and bring inspiration and upliftment. Yes, this can happen, but this ‘need and want’ from a relationship can cause problems in the future, especially when expectations are not met.

No one can really change our life except ourselves, and to rely on someone else to do this for you is just about your own inadequacies with self to be able to make changes. Change can only come when you are ready to take steps to implement changes that you wish to make with yourself and your life. Relying on someone to do this for you becomes a ‘need’, a ‘fix’ to fill the inner void that struggles with change, usually due to a lack of confidence and an inability on how to accept and make changes.

But YOU do have the ability to make changes for yourself. YOU are confident and self-assured in your own abilities to implement change if you feel you need to do so. YOU have the power within you to make the inner changes that will implement change in your life wherever you feel you need change.

If you are feeling unable to do this for yourself connect to your power centre, visualise your solar plexus chakra that is just above your belly button and ‘see’ it as a brilliant golden yellow sun that is emitting rays of golden light into your physical body, filling you with vitality, confidence, courage, self-belief and self-esteem that will help to empower you to make the right decisions and choices in your life on how to embrace change.

You do not ‘need’ someone to ‘fix’ you. YOU can ‘fix’ yourself with patience, and by being kind to yourself as you embrace change. It will also help you to break repetitive patterns that may be showing up in your life from reflections from people around you that can bring up learning lessons around change, either they show confidence in making changes easily, or they bring up mirroring conditions such as reflecting to you your own difficulties in accepting that life is constantly changing. The mirror reflections from people around you will highlight these issues for you.

Look at what you may be resisting in your life, is it around not accepting changes, are you fearful of change and taking a leap of faith, do you find yourself become stubborn and unmoving even though you know that changes need to be made?

What you resist persists. What you won’t accept becomes denial. But you can overcome all fears around change by flowing with the ever-changing world, and the ever changing you. Acceptance, surrender and flow is key to flowing with change. Anything in your life where you feel unhappy, you have the power to change it, by changing your thought patterns, and by taking action to implement the changes needed.

You don’t ‘need’ someone to change you, you can change you. Be the change that you wish to be and see. Flow within the ever-changing rhythms of life within your inner world and your outer world.

Love and Blessings,

Wendy x

If you have a question or would like to share your experiences on how you embraced change please leave a comment on this post, and I will get back to you soon x

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