Ascension Relationship Struggles

the 4 bodies

The ascension (spiritual awakening) journey can cause difficulties with your personal relationship, especially if you are more ‘awake’ than your partner, because as you become more aware you start to feel and see differently, and things you could tolerate before in your relationship become almost intolerable. You may also find you have difficulties communicating to one another, because  what they talk about wont hold interest for you, and likewise, what you talk about will go over their head, because they don’t understand and misunderstand you.

Positive changes can come when you find balance, which can only come when your partner catches up with you, but by then you may still be ahead on your ascension journey. There can come times when you both resonate in the same energy frequency, and harmony can be found, but the dynamics within a relationship when one or both of you are on your ascension journey can keep fluctuating with ebbs and flows of getting on then not getting on.

This leads into the mirroring scenario where issues within one another will start to resurface for healing and transformation, also the past can resurface and even the karmic soul contract you have may go through struggles and changes as you both address inner healing, which can bring up self-worth, self-love, self-esteem, confidence, strength, power, security, and commitment issues within the relationship. This can be very unsettling and cause a lot of frustration, insecurity, feeling unsure about the relationship and what you want. You may even experience times of feeling you want to end it so you can find someone more compatible.

The ascension can help you both to grow, change and adapt to each other’s changes, and can bring powerful healing and a renewed energy to your relationship, or it can bring a complete ending as you move into a new energy frequency and you just won’t be compatible anymore. Even if you still love your partner you may feel that it is best to end the relationship for your own well-being, so you can let go of all blocks that can come when you are resisting the changes that need to be made to bring healing for both of you, or to end the relationship.

You know what is right for you, listen and follow your heart when making any decisions regarding your relationship. Don’t hang on because you fear change and being on your own. Be strong and courageous as you make decisions that will affect your well being and your ascension journey in the long run. Do what is right for you, your relationship and your soul’s transformation.

Love and blessings,

Wendy x

If you have any questions about this article and the ascension journey please leave a comment on this post and I will get back to you shortly x

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