Empathy in Relationships

divine sacred union

Empathy is the ability to feel others’ emotions, and in some instances illnesses as your own. This is not always in healthy ways, especially when the person you are with is abusive on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level, which can lead to complete unbalance of your energy, and in some instances make you feel very unwell.

Empathy dynamics in relationships can have negative and positive connotations.

Being an empath, you can often attract those that are in need of ‘fixing’, or those that have narcistic qualities, this is because as an empath you can be so open and giving that you can often attract those that abuse your good caring sympatric nature.

The empath will often stay in a mental, emotional and even physical abusive relationship believing that they can ‘save’ the person who is inflicting these qualities, but after continuously trying to ‘fix’ their partner the empath will become so drained from the constant giving of energy, and having energy drained from the abuser, that they can often become lost and confused with their own sense of self. It takes a great sense of reserve and worth to dig yourself out of the manipulating controlling ways of a narcistic/abusive relationship, and the empath will often wait too long before leaving still believing that there is hope for the relationship to get better and be healed, when in most cases it never will.

All relationships can teach us so much about ourselves. Narcistic/abusive relationships also show us what is perhaps out of balance with ourselves, and teach us not to be so open and giving with future relationships as to not put ourselves in venerable positions where our sense of worth and wellbeing is compromised. This doesn’t mean to be closed to allowing new partners to step into our life, it just means to be mindful on what you will and will not tolerate, and also to acknowledge that you can’t ‘fix’ those that are unfixable, and it is not your responsibility to do so, it is there’s.

Empathy can be a challenge, especially within the dynamics of relationships. This is not just with partners, but also with friends, family and within the work place. You can be highly sensitive to emotions and feelings of those around you, and often it can be difficult to understand what are your emotions and feelings, and what may be others’ emotions and feelings. Over time you learn to differentiate the difference, and can learn to release what is not yours so you can stay balanced, and well.

It is not an easy path being an empath, but it can also help you to learn a lot about energies, and can also aide in helping those that you work with, especially if you are a practioner working in the caring/healing professions, because you feel and can often see what is out of balance with the person you are helping.

Being an empath can also be highly rewarding, because you learn so much about yourself, and how energy interactions work with others as in ‘mirror reflections’. I always say it is far better to be totally aware of how energies ‘play’ and how they affect you than to be totally unaware, in this way you can learn over time how to keep your energy and well-being balanced.

Love and blessings,

Wendy x

Please feel free to leave a comment to share your experiences with this kind of relationship, and you are welcome to ask questions x


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