Mirrors of Love – Healing Self-Love


Personal relationships can teach us so much about self-love. When this is lacking in self it will be mirrored from those that are either unloving, unaffectionate, not caring or forth coming with showing emotions and feelings, or will come from those that are very loving and giving. Each way of mirroring the lack of self-love to you will help you to begin the healing process of loving yourself. It is not an easy journey and can take years before this is mastered, and healed fully.

Low self-love can be rooted back from childhood, from situations through school years and even as a young adult, and can even be triggered as you start to have personal relationships.

Self-love childhood issues can come from a lack of emotional support and love shown, from feeling unwanted and abandoned, and other mental, emotional and even physical abuse. This can often continue to play out in attracting partners that mirror the same conditioning ways to you, that although can be very distressing and upsetting can actually help you to see the inner damage and what needs healing.

Self-love can also be healed by learning to recondition your mind to think positively about yourself by working on also healing self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth and love, that all go hand in hand with causing the lack of self-love. Simple affirmations can help this process such as, ‘l love me, l am love, l love all parts of me, l fill myself with love and radiate this outward too.’

Think about why you don’t love yourself, what is it that you don’t like about yourself and why? Try to dig deep to find the wounds to lack of self-love. Look at triggers that may be constantly replaying themselves in your life from those close to you, notice repetitive patterns in your relationships and start to be aware of the lessons and teachings, and then you can begin the healing process of self-love.

love and blessings,

Wendy x

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