Filling the Inner Void

divine illumination

We often seek interactions with others, and materialistic things to make us feel happy, and contented. This can be from a relationship, family, friends and even materialistic things. Yes, they can bring enjoyment and happiness, but at times can be short lived, and it can leave a feeling of dissatisfaction or craving more and more outside stimuli to keep us happy, when in reality our  inner void has to be filled with our own inner happiness to bring complete contentment.

But what is inner happiness and how can you create it if not from outside stimuli?

Inner happiness comes from self-love, because as you fill your inner void with your love this is a constant energy source of balance, harmony, peace, bliss, joy and love, and as you do this you may find that the constant source for looking for ‘things’ outside of you to bring you happiness, love and joy won’t be such an addiction. When those ‘things’ stop becoming a ‘need and want’ then you will focus more on your own inner happiness and contentment that will keep your well-being healthy and balanced constantly.

This change of how you manage your inner happiness means you are not dependant on anyone or anything to keep your inner state happy. It is a form of independence, but that doesn’t mean you are a cold unfeeling person who doesn’t want affection from another, and doesn’t want experiences that bring joy, fun, and happiness. It just means that your inner void that is full of your own inner love and happiness; your inner state of bliss, will never become empty, you will just feel more contented and at peace, and the constant always looking for love, attention, and affection won’t be as needed as it was once when you felt empty inside.

When you are comfortable in your own skin, and are comfortable in your own company, where solitude is not an issue, and you are quite happy to spend time on your own this is when you know that all life’s experiences, whether good or bad, you will still have your inner void filled with self-love and inner happiness to keep you going. It will help you through challenges and changes, to love every part of you, and help to transform and change those parts of you that you wish to change to bring wholeness and complete balance and love within.

Let love fill you, nourish you, heal you and transform your inner and outer worlds so you can flow more smoothly with the constant ebbs and flows of life, and be the love that you are.

If you have a question about this article please feel free to leave a comment.

Love and blessings,

Wendy x

3 thoughts on “Filling the Inner Void”

  1. I am 71…I was raised on a farm, with fundamental Christian values, I was taught to work hard my whole life.
    After my military tour in Vietnam in ’68’, I got married and have been for 48 years – and I attended a bible school in Seattle for a number of years, then worked at the Boeing Aircraft Co. in Seattle and retired in 2004…and moved back to my hometown to be with the rest of my family.
    While my life on the outside may have look like I had it all together… on the inside, it was quite another thing…I actually was quite miserable and lonely…the entire time.
    Yes, like your article states…I was looking for ‘things’ outside of me, trying many ‘things’ to bring me happiness, love and joy.
    This last year…I’ve been paying more attention to my Higher Self’s direction for my life.
    I’ve had – like your article stated…to learn to not be dependent on anyone or anything.
    Over and over, my Higher Self…keeps reminding me to learn to ‘walk alone’ and live in ‘solitude’.
    I am finally…after 7 decades, now letting and allowing a wonderful self LOVE to fill that inner void.
    My biggest problem is…I am a THINKER…
    I try to reason and figure everything out in my head.
    I want everything to make sense before fully accepting it.
    This reasoning process, may help make me a good machinist…but, I am finding…that that’s not the way beautiful LOVE operates.
    I really like your last paragraph…and it is through much transformation…that sums up my present life…as if someone has lifted an enormous weight off my shoulders.
    “Let love fill you, nourish you, heal you and transform your inner and outer worlds so you can flow more smoothly with the constant ebbs and flows of life, and be the love that you are.”


  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It is very heart felt and open. When we experience many challenges in our life it can bring great transformation as you have seen and felt. l wish you well with your journey and the path to self love.

    Wendy x


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