Know your worth


What we allow into our life shows our level of worth. When those close to us, and even in the work place, do things that are unacceptable be that on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level we are in fact insulting ourselves.

We tend to do this because we want to fit in, to be accepted by others, and to feel wanted and needed, when in fact when we  lower ourselves to receive this we are saying to those that insult us that they are allowed to carry on treating us the same way.

Knowing your worth is about understanding your value as a human being. When you reclaim your worth, this sets up boundaries to what you will and will not tolerate from others. You are reclaiming your power and saying, ‘no’ to what insults your sense of value, respect and worth.

It can be a challenge in relationships, especially when you feel you are having to compromise how you are as a person to fit in with the relationship and their way of life, and what they expect from you, but why should you compromise what you want and what you need from a relationship to flourish in the right way? Know your worth and do not tolerate unacceptable behaviour, start to be yourself in everything you think, say and do, and begin to set boundaries around those that constantly berate, belittle, use, control, manipulate and pull you down. No more being a ‘people pleaser’ just to make them happy and comfortable in your presence. You have to show your authenticity, be the real you, know your true worth, and those that are worthy to be in your life are the ones who value and respect you for you, and don’t try to change you in any way to appease what they expect from you, and want from you, so that you fit into their way of life and life style.

Even in the work place if you are constantly over used such as being given more tasks that is asked of you in your position you have to ask yourself, why do l keep saying yes to the extra work load, is this to please my employers, am l hoping for extra recognition? Which doesn’t always come from those employers who abuse your position to suit their means, instead they see your vulnerability and low self-worth and play on it by using your ‘good nature’ to suit their agenda, and don’t notice the stress that they place on you from the over work and pressure they force on you, because you always say ‘yes’ to everything that is asked of you. Learn to say, ‘no’, and set boundaries to what you wont except as fair and equal in the work place.

Worthiness has to be earned from you, that means knowing your worth and not excepting anything less than your worth. Today ask yourself in what areas and with whom am l not valuing my worth and why? and then ask yourself what needs to change in order to rebuild my sense of worth, do l need to remove myself from those that insult my worth, or do l need to change myself and show and tell others l will not tolerate that behaviour anymore l deserve better, if you are not willing to change then we cannot move forward together? If you can move forward together and they start to respect you, your boundaries and what you will and won’t tolerate this can bring great healing within that particular relationship, and yourself.

But remember you set the stage for how others treat you, and you can change how others respond and treat you by setting an example of respect, value and worth. It is a mirror conditioning, because what you reflect out is what you experience back, so if you have low self-worth you will attract those that mirror this to you by how they treat you. When you are open and aware to these teachings and lessons it can bring a great chance to heal self-worth.

Know your worth and expect nothing less than your true worth.

Love and blessings,

Wendy x

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