Reflections and Lessons


As humans we crave ‘connections’ be that for support, guidance, affection, love and all other manner of experiences brought from ‘connections’, that can bring times of joy and times of sorrow. Each experience/connection acts as a mirror and many times how you feel within and what you project out into the world is what you attract.

We can learn so much about ourselves from our connections, and intern they can learn a lot about  themselves. Depending how open and aware you are to what you see, hear and feel will determine your inner healing and transformation process.

Each experience good or bad shapes you into who and what you are now, and you always have a conscious choice on what to experience and what opportunities arise to enable your growth. How you handle what you experience is what you allow to filter into your energy infrastructure, determined by your actions and reactions to all outside stimuli that affects your moods, emotions and feelings, that affect your general wellbeing and your energy. There can be times of joy, happiness, elation and other times of sorrow, upset and even anger. We hold so many different emotional reactions to everything that happens to us, and we have control of how they affect our energy and wellbeing at all times.

As we face our mirrors it can at times be like looking in the mirror at ourselves, and we may not like what we see in that connection. This can be a great clue to what is out of balance within ourselves, and what we don’t like about another person can be something we need to address within ourselves. This can come as a shock when we start to see and understand these patterns and learning lessons, but can be a great way to do the deep inner healing and transformation on self that is often very needed.


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