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Introduction to Soul Mirrors

Hello, and thank you for visiting my blog.

I decided to start this blog to help those of you that come across challenges within your personal relationships, be that with your partner, family, friends, co-workers, employers, other authority figures and the one with self. I will also be writing about positive uplifting experiences brought forward from ‘connections’ and mirror experiences, and how they can actually be a great blessing to your inner healing and transformation.

I have been helping people from all walks of life across the globe for over 25 years, specialising in readings, spiritual life coaching, soul portraits and healings, and have been helping people online via my website and Facebook page through articles about everyday life experiences, and challenges and with the spiritual ascension awakening.

This year 2018 the year of the woman I feel is a good time to ‘birth’ my idea of helping people with relationship issues, including the one with self, which are played out through mirroring and triggers from those we come across in our life, that are brought forward for us unintentionally from us by what we reflect out into our world via moods, emotions, and how we act and react to outside stimuli, especially from those we interact with, which can be from those close to us, or even strangers who cross our path, which are all brought to us to highlight what needs addressing and healing within.

I will be writing about all forms of mirroring, addressing subjects such as low self worth, lack of self love, boundaries, self worth, respect, issues with neediness, people pleasing and much more.

Insight and guidance will be coming from my own experiences, and what I have learnt about myself ,and others along my life journey so far. This blog will also serve as my diary where I will be sharing personal experiences along this new journey with you all, as I take my writing into a new direction to connect with more people.

Life is a continuous cycle of what I call, ‘peeling the onion’, which is about peeling away layers upon layers of life conditioning, upbringing conditioning, relationship conditioning and many other conditions that can hold us in a repetitive loop of attracting same experiences until we see and understand the learning lessons that leads to healing and transformation. We are ‘peeling the onion to reveal our true authentic beautiful self so we can stand in our sovereignty and know our worth

You are welcome to email me with questions, and suggestions for articles. All emails will be held in strictest of confidence unless you would like me to share with soul mirror readers.

Love and blessings,

Wendy x



Let go to ‘Grow’


energy vibration

What or whom is holding you back in your life?

Who and what is draining your energy?

What are you resisting and not accepting what needs to change?

Why are you hanging on to what or who no longer resonates with you?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself about what you are resisting letting go of and why. We often fear letting go of what or who is ‘insulting our soul’ and causing blocks, and a feeling of being held back, because there is a part of us that is apprehensive of letting go and leaping into the unknown.

If you are in a relationship that constantly feels like you are being held back from ‘growing’ you have to be very tough with yourself and ‘let go’. This can be very difficult, especially if it is your partner whom you love, or a family member, but it is not healthy to stay in a relationship that doesn’t allow you to move, grow, change and be you.

If you are trying to let go of self-sabotaging thoughts such as doubts, fear, worry, and frustration ask yourself what are you resisting within yourself, what are you not facing that needs healing within yourself? As you begin to do the inner healing work you will then start to see your outside world begin to change too, because as you do, your perspective, your ideals, beliefs, what you want and don’t want will begin to change too. This is also when relationships can change, and when you start to see exactly who and what has been holding you back from being you and ‘growing’.

Love and Blessings,

Wendy x

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?


Struggle dynamics in relationships and why?

Often when we are facing challenges and struggles within our personal relationships, especially with our partner, we can feel that we want to either step back, run or give up. You may find yourself saying, ‘I can’t take much more, I want to be on my own to process what is going on, I don’t understand you, I don’t understand myself’, and you may even say ‘I don’t love you anymore’. When in fact there may still be feelings there, but the constant struggles are just causing over questioning everything and over thinking, which causes doubts, fears and other insecurities to arise.

It is in those times that it may be wise to step back, or take some time out from the relationship, so you can do some deep reflecting and soul searching on what you want to do. You can also write a list of pros and cons about relationship and your partner to see if it is worth fighting for or not. By having ‘time out’ you may find the right answers to your questions about the authenticity of the relationship, and will know exactly what to do.

Also, during challenging aspects in a relationship there may come times of wanting to see if the ‘grass is greener on the other side’, which can cause infidelity in some instances or a complete breakup without any closure, but this will just intensify problems that already exist that won’t help to ‘fix’ things, and if the relationship ends without closure it could impact problems in future relationships.

Why isn’t the grass greener on the other side?

Grass is not greener on the other side because where you are right now and how you feel, what you are experiencing, the challenges and learning lessons that you are facing will just follow you to the ‘green grass on the other side.’ It is important to heal any differences, and work on the struggles and challenges within the dynamics of your relationship. It takes both of you to work through everything that is causing unbalance, stress and other difficulties. Communication is the key, and it also takes both of you as individuals to take a good long hard look at yourself and what you both may be doing wrong that is causing the struggles and disharmony, and in some cases lack of love, to be made apparent. This is why communication is very important, you have to make time to sit down together, and be totally open and honest about everything; how you feel, what is upsetting you and why, and then you can talk about ways of fixing things if that is what you both want.

It could be that you have just ‘fallen out of love’, or just that the romance needs to be injected back into the relationship. It could be about trust issues, respect, or a feeling of being taken for granted. There are so many dynamics why a relationship can become unbalanced. What is important is to sense check with yourself on how you feel, and ask yourself, what you want and need (including what you feel is lacking), what you are willing to compromise on, what you will and wont tolerate, what changes you both need to make? and then you have to ask yourself if you will accept your partner for who and what they are, if you can’t then perhaps it is a sign that you need to let go and move on.

How to balance and heal a relationship

A balanced healthy relationship is one of freedom; freedom to be individuals (which doesn’t mean infidelity, it just means freedom of being yourselves within the realtionship) and freedom to love one another as you are able. Everyone gives and receives love differently, and it is our differences that make us unique and interesting.

You can’t make someone love you. Love is given freely and openly. You can’t expect your partner to change, they have to want to change, but you can change if you feel it is needed for self, which could be about learning to trust more, healing self-love and self-worth for example.

Your relationship can heal when you both take responsibility to come together in an ‘interpersonal’ relationship, which means being individual but also in a union, not easy, and can take time to balance the dynamics of a relationship to bring harmony, contentment, total trust, freedom, strength and love.

Sometimes even though you may love your partner it may be in both of your interests to let them go. There is that saying, ‘Let love go and if they come back they are meant,if not they were never meant.’ Other times it may just be about not taking each other for granted, and to inject communication and romance back in.

Should you stay or should you go?

If you are trying to decide on what to do, whether to stay or go, follow your heart, your heart knows the way, and let the grass where you are right now heal and flourish. Plant flowers, give it water, nurture it with love, and then the love within yourself will reflect outwards to attract love back to you.

Love and Blessings,

Wendy x

To share experiences, or if you have a question about this article please leave a comment and I will get back to you soon x

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Birds of a feather flock together

thoughts creations

How we are at this moment in time is who and what we attract into our life. We are a mirror reflecting out into the world what we ‘need’ in order to heal and change ourselves, and the world reflects back to us learning lessons via people we meet, and situations.

Most of the time we don’t see the interconnections and synchronicity unfolding in our life because Continue reading “Birds of a feather flock together”

Power and Control struggles within Relationships

ancestral healing

The dynamics in relationships can cause power struggles, and control issues to surface. Sometimes this is from one partner, or it can come from both partners as they try to gain power and dominance over the other within the relationship.

This usually happens when the lack of accepting the other as an equal can arise, or just for dominance and control within the relationship. These power struggles tend to happen when there is inner issues that need addressing such as lack of confidence, low self-esteem, not feeling good enough, lack of self-worth and self-love, which can play out as trying to gain control over the partner through narcistic qualities such as manipulation, control and even bullying tactics that can cause the partner receiving it to become powerless as the perpetrator gains control and power by taking their partners energy in order to make themselves feel better.

When the partner receiving this treatment doesn’t understand what is happening, and why, and tries to amend their partners behaviour this can then cause themselves to try to gain power and control within the relationship by trying to change their partners ways, which can cause further power struggles to arise and even arguments, or they become totally deflated and begin to feel unworthy, not loved, not appreciated, respected or loved, which gives the partner taking the power to feel even more empowered.

How can the power and control issues be stopped?

These patterns can be broken when both partners become responsible for their actions and reactions, and embrace their own inner power for self-empowerment and not to use it to control and manipulate their partner. Balance is key, and can take a long time to rectify when power and control issues are within the relationship. Patience, acceptance and open communication are key to resolve these challenges, but can only happen when one or both partners can see the power struggles and take responsibility to start to address their inner issues that cause these power and control issues, and change their behaviour.

Power is about dominance over another or an area of their life they wish to feel in control of. When they learn to let go of trying to control others, and situations in their life, this will at first make them feel like they are losing total control of themselves, and their life, and can cause them to lash out, and become angry at first. Over time, and when they take responsibility for their ways, and can see that power doesn’t and isn’t about controlling their outside life, but is about controlling their inner self and not to inflict domineering ways on to those close to them then they can start to address their inner issues that have been causing their power and control issues over others and their life, and take necessary changes to heal and change their behaviour. A big learning lesson is acceptance.

This acceptance is also an important point for the one receiving the domineering ways of their partner, because they have a choice to either accept and tolerate things as they are, or they don’t. You can’t change your partner, if they have these power and controlling tendencies it is up to them to begin to address their issues so they can change their ways, not you. Yes you can help them to see what they are doing is wrong and damaging to you, themselves and the relationship, but they will only start to listen when they can see this for themselves and want to change for themselves.

If you can see they are making changes, and they stop trying to control everything, and you, then there is a chance the relationship can heal, change and balance, but if not, then you have to think about your self-worth and respect, and perhaps end things. It is not easy when you love someone no matter what they do, but it is very important to look after your wellbeing and your sanity. If you are constantly put down, misunderstood, not appreciated, shouted at, and feel like you have to walk around on ‘egg shells’ and be someone you are not just to fit in with what they want, then perhaps it is time to stand up, reclaim your power, and make necessary changes for you, which may mean to end the relationship.

Listen to what your heart and mind is telling you to do. Don’t put up with what is insulting you, and making you feel ill mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Don’t fit in just to appease your partners wants and needs, or stay because you fear being on your own. If your partner really loves you they will treat you with respect, honesty, loyalty, understanding, kindness and love. They will love you for you, and if they don’t, then there will always be someone else who does.

Love and Blessings,

Wendy x

If you would like to share your experiences and how you over come these challenges please feel free to share, or if you have a question please leave a comment and I will get back to you soon x

Emotional and Mental ‘Triggers’

Divine Creation

Why do triggers happen?

Triggers from those close to us, and even from work colleagues, play out to teach us what needs addressing within ourselves, and when what someone has said to you triggers something within you this can bring up many feelings from anger, to not feeling appreciated, misunderstood, not loved, the list can be endless, and it all depends Continue reading “Emotional and Mental ‘Triggers’”

Ascension Relationship Struggles

the 4 bodies

The ascension (spiritual awakening) journey can cause difficulties with your personal relationship, especially if you are more ‘awake’ than your partner, because as you become more aware you start to feel and see differently, and things you could tolerate before in your relationship become almost intolerable. You may also find you have difficulties communicating to one another, because  Continue reading “Ascension Relationship Struggles”